We are using Linear Sequential Model also known as Waterfall Model for Web design and development. Web Development process model is a description of the process in an easy way from a particular viewpoint. This is most simple and widely accepted web development model in the world. In this model we proceed from one phase to the other phase of the development process, activity moves steadily though an orderly sequence downwards in the order of requirement analysis, design and template, code generation, content writing, implementation, testing and maintenance support.

We get understand valuable information of web development for client by assessment and analysis. We follow below steps in this process.
  • Web Usability of client and opportunity analysis
  • Content creation of Website
  • Web Design and Development analysis
  • SEO and Social media
Web Development Specification requirement is a complete description of objective and scope for development web. It contains client goals, functionality, and detailed requirement for our development team to fulfill the needs of our customers.

We got good idea for design and development from Assessment and Analysis and Specification Requirement building about types of layouts and design client wants to use.

Our creativity flows hear as we provide multiple layout design to choose according to requirement.

It’s very important for new website to create unique, clear, up to mark and original content to get high rank for search engine and to attract customer as well.

Coding is the process for converting content and design into web code.

Evaluation and review of web development is done in this process as per agreed specification and analysis.

In this phase we are testing code, design, spelling, hyperlinks, page weight, browser and device compatibility, usability, accessibility, security, functional and performance.


Your website is now live and its way ot fulfilling its goals, now its time to publicity of your website.

Now its need to do regular maintenance for website.

Note: Execution time lines are estimated for actual time required for completing phases of the project, and does not included time that may be required by the client for the approval cycle.

Read resources and requirements from client and term, conditions and other cost.